Who We Are and What are We Doing

by newerawriters

This blog is dedicated to showcasing the works of Yma Johnson and Emma Mayhood, from Eastern Michigan University, and Julia Horniacek of Ramapo College. These four students have been chosen by Chris Campanioni and me for the YouNiversity Project, an ambitious mentorship program that seeks to instruct young writers on the necessary yet often overlooked steps toward becoming a professional author. The students will be working on query letters, networking, social media promotion, marketing, event organization, self-editing, working with an editor, working with graphic designers, the publishing process, and on improving their own writing. This website is for the students to showcase their experience in the program. Every step of their evolution as writers will be documented here, and the public is encouraged to post responses to the drafts and projects the students post. Keep in mind that many of the early posts will be early drafts of assignments. Criticism is welcome but it must be instructive and constructive. Abusive responses will be deleted and reported. The goal a year from now is for the students to have not only a networked community of other artists and fans, but also to have a portfolio and a manuscript (or partial manuscript) that can be submitted to agents and publishers. This program is done in affiliation with Aignos Publishing, which has published books by both Chris and myself. We thank those who will participate in this blog alongside our students, but most of all we thank the students themselves. Stay tuned for our student’s first project, the deceptively simple yet vital query letter.