by newerawriters

Emma Mayhood

Attn. Ms. Sanders and Mr. Kepner:

When Laura Brooks, a successful magazine writer living in New York City, is called to her grandmother’s apartment after her grandmother’s apparent suicide, she slowly discovers that her grandmother has been hiding an illustrious and painful past that Laura becomes determined to fully unfurl.

The Simple Life is a family mystery that explores the difficult, painful, and sometimes destructive relationships that can develop within a family and the lives people build to protect themselves from the past. When Laura moves to New York for college, she takes advantage of finally being near to her gregarious and fun-loving grandmother, May, whom she idolized as a young child, so different from her quiet and reserved mother, and herself. After college, Laura moves even closer to her grandmother—in New York City—where Laura begins her freelance magazine writing career. During visits with May, Laura begins to feel tinges of melancholy coming through that she attributes to her grandmother’s recognition of her own mortality. After a visit where her grandmother seemed her old self, Laura is devastated and overwhelmed when police call and she learns that May has committed suicide. As Laura cleans out May’s apartment, in the back of an old, oak filing cabinet she finds a yellowed newspaper clipping of her great-grandmother’s obituary. May’s mother died three days after May was born. The obituary names an older brother and three older sisters, none of whom Laura or her mother, who arrives the next morning, have ever heard of. May always said that she had grown up on a farm in western Pennsylvania with her parents, who died before May had her own family. Learning that May has four siblings they have never heard of, Laura and her mother begin to wonder what else May has been hiding. They set out on a journey to learn about May’s real life.

I am a Creative Writing major and a History minor studying at Eastern Michigan University. This is a personal story set against recognizable and less known historic events.

This book focuses on an underserved audience of late teens through adults starting families. I plan to market through social media sites and through Eastern Michigan University and alumni publications.

This novel fits into a number of categories Victoria Sanders & Associates has represented: family, history, adventure, and women’s.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


Emma Mayhood