Horniacek Project 1: Query Letter

by newerawriters

Julia Horniacek



Dear Ms. Sinsheimer,


When fifteen-year-old Holly Carlyn trips, falls, and stumbles again for Tom Madison during her freshman year of high school, the troubled underdog prevents Holly from focusing on, well, pretty much anything.


Holly and Tom are worlds apart; she basks in the high school fantasy of football games and teen romance while he struggles to pass his classes and keep a clean criminal record. Despite her best friends’ warnings and her own blossoming doubts, Holly is attracted like a magnet and sees potential in Tom to be whatever he sets his mind to.


During one of their nightly phone conversations, Tom lets it slip that he’s good buddies with Rocco, the nightmare boy-next-door who has ruthlessly bullied Holly for years. She knows that Rocco’s favorite activity is to make sure she is anything but happy, and it does not come as a surprise to her when Rocco’s influence causes Tom to call it quits.


It does, however, come as a surprise when Tom makes an effort to continue a friendship with Holly weeks after their split. After back-and-forth cyber conversations and sporadic phone calls, Tom asks for Holly back once again.  First loves are labeled “first” for a reason: are these moon-eyed, goosebump-triggering relationships meant to have second – even third – chances to get it right?


Attraction to Distraction is a contemporary YA romance complete at 58,000 words, and reads as a cross between Judy Blume’s Foreverand the feel of a Sarah Dessen novel.


I was born and raised in Edison, New Jersey. I love YA novels, fitness and fashion magazines, and coffee.I grew up with two much-older sisters constantly reading romances and mysteries, and I dreamed that someday my books would be on the shelves of older sisters everywhere.


The first ten pages of the manuscript are included in the body of this email. Thanks for your time and consideration!



Julia Horniacek