Part I of Emma Mayhood’s Social Media Project

by newerawriters


Author’s Bio:

Emma Mayhood was born in Hartford, Connecticut and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She has a keen interest in family history and history of American society. She is currently working on a series of short stories based in the 1920s flapper craze and combining writing, newspaper clippings, and photographs. She is currently studying Creative Writing and History at Eastern Michigan University.


Post 1

Combining photography and short stories, The Simple Life follows the life of Laura Herald as she discovers the secrets kept by her illustrious and fun-loving grandmother, May. After May’s suicide, Laura finds newspaper clippings and other trinkets that set her on a journey to discover who her grandmother truly was.


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The Simple Life combines family research and imagination to weave together a series of twelve short stories, newspaper clippings, and photographs. This book follows Laura Herald as she discovers her grandmother, May, has not been completely truthful about her past. After May’s suicide, Laura finds a newspaper clipping that leads her out of her fast-paced New York City life and into a slower journey of self-discovery in western Pennsylvania where she meets family she never knew she had.




Author’s Bio:

Emma Mayhood is a writer working to combine her family research, love of history, and passion for photography.


Post 1:

The Simple Life is a journey of self-discovery told through twelve short stories, newspaper clippings, and photographs.


Post 2:

Combining family research and imagination, The Simple Life comes together through short stories and photographs.




Photo 1: In sepia tone, a hand is holding a newspaper clipping of an obituary just pulled from an old, small, metal box. In the background are the contents of the box which include photographs and a necklace. A caption for the photograph reads: Discovering the past.


Photo 2: A photograph in black and white shows the eastern corner of a map of the United States covered in parts by old letters and envelopes as well as old photographs. A caption reads: New connections.