Yma’s Facebook Pitches 2nd Draft

by newerawriters

Hi All,

In response to Jon’s suggestions regarding my Facebook pitch, I have reworked them to capture the general flavor of the stories rather than plot specifics. I am eager to hear your thoughts.



May You Live Long Enough to Return Home is a collection of sixteen short stories focused on the world’s misbegotten as they journey through the shadow lands of society and ill-lit corners of the mind. From San Juan to Sierra Leone to the suburbs of America, characters claw for purpose at the turbulent center of the crossroads. The stories use tone and texture to guide the reader into a hallucinatory labyrinth full of unpredictable outcomes.


May You Live Long Enough to Return Home is a short fiction collection that bears witness to the world’s misbegotten as they struggle for survival. Global in scope and uncompromising in spirit, the stories cut across class, race, and culture to show the inner lives of the physically and emotionally exiled. Whether in San Juan, Sierra Leone, or the suburbs of America, language becomes an incantatory power ushering readers into the transformative center of lives at the crossroads.