Horniacek Social Media Project – Part I

by newerawriters

Instagram Pictures:

-A black and white close up of the title page of “Brothers” … a somewhat “coming-soon” attraction. A red pen would lie across the page, diagonal underneath the title.

Caption: “Demons do not exist any more than Gods do, being only the product of the psychic activity of man.” – Sigmund Freud

– My second picture would be one of a stack of books that inspired me to write my novella. I think it’s important to show my readers that my inspiration came from great authors, such as Jay Asher’s “Thirteen Reasons Why,” Jenny Downham’s “Before I Die,” and R.L. Stein’s “Halloween.”

Caption: Prose is architecture, not interior decoration. – Ernest Hemingway



Facebook Bio

I was a storyteller before I was even capable of writing or reading. My mother reminisces over the days I would assign lines to her and my father, including them in a role play set in this sort of fantasy realm I’d create with dress up clothes and hand-me-down Barbies. I was ten years old when My Godmother bought me a blue notebook with silver stars along the cover for my birthday. I sat down at the dinning room table and wrote my first story then and there. Twelve years, countless stories, and one bachelor’s degree in English Literature later, and it feels as though I have yet to put down my pen.

Status: The quiet town of New Haven, CT is about to awaken. Satan’s Six is on the hunt, and rarely do they miss a target. Stay tuned for the release of my debut tragic thriller, “Brothers.”

Status: Not all demons live under our beds and hide in our closets. Some demons emerge from inside of us, lurking in the shadows until it’s  their time to play. Stay tuned for the release of my debut thriller, “Brothers,” in which antagonist Daemon Berns seeks revenge over the death of his twin brother in a rousing game of cat and mouse.


Twitter Bio

Julia Horniacek – Writer. Health and Fitness Enthusiast.YA Obsessed. Austenite. Caffeine Victim. Soon to be a favorite on your shelf.

Tweet: In my debut novel, “Brothers,” an indestructible gang leader finds himself in shambles after his twin’s suicide. Will he find justice?

Tweet:  Daemon and David may be twins, but their personalities are far from identical. In my novella, “Brothers,” good and evil share the same face.