Emma’s Publishing Questions

by newerawriters

How much input does the author have on the aesthetics of a book, both inside and out? Is collaboration between the author and the publishing company on the design of the cover common? And finally, how often do authors design their own covers, or at least give a sketch to the publishing company to spring from?


Many times when reading popular book series, I notice that the latter books are published quickly and often have plot holes and glaring grammar errors. I presume this is because the author has been rushed to finish the series and that the publishing company has opted to have a scheduled release for the follow-up books to cater to the large audience and to make more money. When an author signs a contract with a publishing company that includes multiple books, are the release dates of all of the novels determined from the outset or are they flexible? How much of this determination falls to the author—who knows how much time she/he needs to complete a high-quality novel?


I have noticed that some books are only offered in electronic formats and I wonder, what is the benefit of only publishing in this form? How is the determination made to only publish a book in an electronic format? In my courses at Eastern Michigan University, I have been exposed to many multimedia pieces including essays that harbor videos within the text. Have these multimedia pieces been published as E-Books and made readily available to the mass market?