Writing/Editing Projects to begin in October

by newerawriters

So far, the YouNiversity has built bridges between our students and publishing professionals, artists, and authors from around the world, assisted our students in developing query letter drafts, created a social media base on Facebook and Twitter, and started developing their artistic brand. The work that Emma, Yma, and Julia have done is extraordinary, and we should all applaud the hard work they have done in the first three months. Now we move on to the next stage. For the next four months, our students will work on their writing and editing skills. The first project will actually turn the tables, and our students will play the mentors while Chris and I play the students. On October 1st, Chris and I will publish excerpts from our novels Going Down and The Feast of San Sebastian. Both our students and our faithful readers will get the chance to critique our work. This exercise is meant to demonstrate that even published works are not perfect. No story is ever perfect, and that is as it should be, since storytelling is an extension of our humanity, and to err is to be human. One thing that many writers, young and old, get hung up on is the obsessions with perfection, yet much like a pretty girl with a mole or a hot guy with a receding hairline, our surface imperfections often hide true beauty and artistic profundity. So come join us October 1st as we begin the 2nd stage of the YouNiversity: The Writing Life.