Our Newest Guest Speaker, Filmmaker, Playwright, and Novelist Linda Nieves Powell Visits the YouNiversity!

by newerawriters

YouNiversity Project 2014

My Artist Journey
By: Linda Nieves-Powell

When I think of my journey as an artist, I don’t know what came first. Not sure if it was the need to explore a personal issue or whether I was just born creative because of the environment I grew up in, or maybe it was both. Because as far back as I can remember I was surrounded by my father’s art. Whether it was displayed on the walls of our tiny, upper East Side apartment in Manhattan or in the way he banged out songs on the piano keys, I was a student of his process. I observed his intensity, his need to perfect a skill, and his work ethic. I wanted to be like him. But I needed to find my own thing.


There is a picture of me at three years old dancing salsa with Papi on my birthday. Dancing had…

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