Guest Speaker Theresa Varela, author of Covering the Sun with My Hand, shares her journey as a writer!

by newerawriters

Discover Boricua author Theresa Varela’s stunning artistic journey!

YouNiversity Project 2014

From November to February, the YouNiversity will welcome authors and artists to contribute pieces on their personal artistic journeys. We welcome author Theresa Varela, who’s novel Do No Harm, the first part of a Latina detective series, will be published in 2015 by Aignos Publishing.

‘Real Time’
Theresa Varela

As I read the YouNiversity blog I was struck at how refined, polished, and positive are the posts, the critiques, and the responses. The mentorship this type of program provides is invaluable. My experience with the critique process was very different and I’m not sure exactly why that was. Years ago, sitting in my doctoral program and announcing my dissertation choice was met with a, “Why would you want to study that?” That questioned was echoed years later in a creative writing course that I took where a couple of students asked, “Why would you want to write about that?” Those…

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